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Come and join us ONLINE at the World Refugee Day in Kansai 2020

Every year, June 20 marks the United Nations’ World Refugee Day.

Around that time, many events for raising awareness of refugee issue take place across the world. Every year, RAFIQ holds an assembly in collaboration with other organizations. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we cancelled an assembly and have set up a website to raise awareness of refugees in Japan. 

Our theme of this year is:

What can you and I do in today’s Japan connected to the world?

Now, under the serious impact of COVID-19, how are refugees in the world, and what are they doing? How about refugees here in Japan? What can we do for them? Why don’t you join us and look at refugee issue?

This website delivers the latest developments provided from a researcher and refugee supporting organizations, and authentic voices from refugees. New videos are uploaded to this website every Sunday from 7th to 28th June.

June 7: Refugee issue in the world

  1. Mr. Toshitsuki KAWAUCHI, Deputy Representative, The UNHCR Representation in Japan
    Address: The United Nations’ World Refugee Day and efforts taken in the world (in Japanese)
  2. Associate Professor Yukari ANDO, Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University
    Lecture: Refugees in the world during the current COVED-19 crisis (in Japanese)

June 14: Refugee issue in Japan

Ms. Yoshie HIROKAWA, Former Joint Representative of RAFIQ, Lawyer, Member of Japan Lawyers Network for Refugees
Lecture: Refugees in Japan (in Japanese)

June 21: Voices from refugees living in Japan

Interviews with refugees living in Kansai (subtitles in Japanese)

June 28: What can you and I do for refugees?